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Dee morsesat at optonline.net
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Here we go again.
I have also donated to both projects. (and I'm retired!?)
 Just gave a presentation to a club in NJ.  One of the members also
pointed out that there is
A lot of users exchanging info on the FM birds and seems to be pileup
city.  I get on most and
 get a QSO or 2 and then let the others have at it.
Explaining the difference about LEO, MEO & HEO birds raised eyebrows and
listeners asked about the HEO's and their
Extended orbits usually with an SSB transponder. Everyone was made aware
of their expensive costs to have these come about.
However, they didn't realize that the costs were absorbed by "Donations"
from many hams interested in this end of the hobby.
Of course International agreements became a worldwide avenue of
financial aid to requests.  ITAR stopped info sharing and
Dried up collaboration.  Attitudes seemed to be "when you launch an HEO,
I'd be interested in supporting this."
No matter how I explained the urgency of hams supporting NOW for future
projects, most seemed deaf to our plea.
Patrick, we must continue to circulate these ideas and promote our
growth so as launches become available and worked to fruition
By our people, we have enough in the kitty to finish a project to meet
them. Let's all stay on the same page.

Congrats to Tony, AA2TX, and his team for long hours of hard work to get
his proposal recognized.  Hoo-Rah.

Dee, NB2F

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Hi Kevin!

>   P3E is off in the future, I don't even think the sat is close to
> ready to launch, and then you have the launch itself to consider, I
> want P3E also but I also understand its not going to be soon.

That's been a question of mine, and a question asked of me in the recent
past.  When someone asks me "Should I build my satellite station to work
with HEO satellites now?", my answer is usually "Don't worry about it,
until we have one in orbit".

Until that day comes, I'm going to have fun working our current
satellites - in FM, SSB, and occasionally CW.  When, or if, an HEO is
launched, then I'll gladly reequip my station to work that as well.

I remember seeing that at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium last year, the P3E
launch cost was quoted as 10 million euros. One thing I have never been
able to clearly determine is how much of that 10 million euros has been
raised.  I know I can buy pixels on that picture that has been on the
AMSAT-DL web page for a long time, but I expect there has been more
raised than just what we see on that picture.
Can anyone connected with AMSAT-DL answer?  That would help to put the
P3E fundraising effort into some context.

AMSAT-NA has the PayPal widgets that started out with one that was for
ARISSat-1 and Fox, and now there's a Fox-only widget on the AMSAT web
site and in other places (like my QRZ.com entries and web page).  I know
there has been more $$$ donated to AMSAT than just what shows up on the
PayPal widget, and I hope that combined total is publicized shortly -
and then publicized on a regular basis.  The PayPal widget for the Fox
project (not the one that was for ARISSat-1 and Fox) has increased by
1/3 in the past
24 hours since the announcement of the NASA decision.

>    On the other hand FOX is NOW we have a means of getting into
> space,which is the biggest hurdle, so it needs funding NOW to get
> completed and on that ride.

I agree 100%.  I've already made a couple of contributions, and I'm
hoping AMSAT is able to deliver Fox-1 to NASA for that launch. :-)

Projects like FUNcube and KiwiSAT have also done a good job of
publicizing what they have been doing and their needs - financial or
otherwise.  I've contributed to them, and - in the case of KiwiSAT -
made multiple contributions.  I'm all for not putting all of our eggs in
one basket.  More satellites would be a good thing.



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