[amsat-bb] K7UGA satellite activity starting Sunday evening (early Monday, UTC)

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Feb 11 17:28:38 PST 2012


The Central Arizona DX Association's Arizona Centennial special 
event, using Barry Goldwater's former call sign K7UGA, officially 
starts on Monday (13 February), UTC time.  Since that will be 
Sunday evening here in North America, I am planning to work a few 
passes tomorrow evening as K7UGA.  Tentative plans are for the 
following passes from here in DM43:

AO-7  at 0014-0036 UTC (almost directly over the Phoenix area)
VO-52 at 0201-0212 UTC (to the east of Arizona)
AO-7  at 0212-0228 UTC (to the west of Arizona)
VO-52 at 0336-0348 UTC (to the west of Arizona)

and *possibly*:

SO-50 at 0503-0517 UTC (covering much of the USA at this late hour)

I tend to start out about 10 kHz above the center of the SSB/CW
transponders with my small portable station, but may move around 
to avoid QRM/QRN or to try making QSOs.  Be prepared to tune 
around the downlink if I am not around 145.960 MHz USB on AO-7 
or 145.910 MHz USB on VO-52.

Due to work commitments, I will not be able to work SO-50 or 
AO-27 passes around midday on Monday.  I hope to work some
passes Monday evening (Tuesday the 14th, UTC time) and SO-50
and/or AO-27 around midday on Tuesday, since the 14th is 
Arizona's statehood day.  

I will have better opportunities to work FM passes as K7UGA
starting on Thursday before and during my drive to Yuma for
the Yuma Hamfest/ARRL Southwestern Convention, and at that
event starting on Friday.  Please be patient, as I hope 
to make time to work many passes on Friday and Saturday from

Please remember that I am *NOT* the QSL manager for K7UGA. 
Bob K7BHM is the QSL manager.  More information about the 
planned K7UGA activity, including when stations will be on 
the HF bands and in which modes, can be found at the CADXA 
web site http://cadxa.org/



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