[amsat-bb] Re: ANS-041 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Feb 11 17:00:50 PST 2012

Hi Kevin!

>   P3E is off in the future, I don't even think the sat is close to ready to
> launch,
> and then you have the launch itself to consider, I want P3E also but I also
> understand its not going to be soon.

That's been a question of mine, and a question asked of me in the
recent past.  When someone asks me "Should I build my satellite
station to work with HEO satellites now?", my answer is usually
"Don't worry about it, until we have one in orbit".

Until that day comes, I'm going to have fun working our current
satellites - in FM, SSB, and occasionally CW.  When, or if, an
HEO is launched, then I'll gladly reequip my station to work that
as well.

I remember seeing that at the AMSAT-UK Colloquium last year, the
P3E launch cost was quoted as 10 million euros. One thing I have
never been able to clearly determine is how much of that 10 million
euros has been raised.  I know I can buy pixels on that picture that
has been on the AMSAT-DL web page for a long time, but I expect
there has been more raised than just what we see on that picture.
Can anyone connected with AMSAT-DL answer?  That would help
to put the P3E fundraising effort into some context.

AMSAT-NA has the PayPal widgets that started out with one that
was for ARISSat-1 and Fox, and now there's a Fox-only widget on
the AMSAT web site and in other places (like my QRZ.com entries
and web page).  I know there has been more $$$ donated to
AMSAT than just what shows up on the PayPal widget, and I hope
that combined total is publicized shortly - and then publicized on
a regular basis.  The PayPal widget for the Fox project (not the one
that was for ARISSat-1 and Fox) has increased by 1/3 in the past
24 hours since the announcement of the NASA decision.

>    On the other hand FOX is NOW we have a means of getting into space,which
> is the biggest hurdle, so it needs funding NOW to get completed and on that
> ride.

I agree 100%.  I've already made a couple of contributions, and I'm
hoping AMSAT is able to deliver Fox-1 to NASA for that launch. :-)

Projects like FUNcube and KiwiSAT have also done a good job of
publicizing what they have been doing and their needs - financial
or otherwise.  I've contributed to them, and - in the case of
KiwiSAT - made multiple contributions.  I'm all for not putting all of
our eggs in one basket.  More satellites would be a good thing.



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