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> ANS-041 Special Bulletin
> SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-041.01
> ANS-041 AMSAT Fox-1 Cubesat Selected for NASA ELaNa Launch Collaboration
> AMSAT News Service Bulletin 041.01
> February 10, 2012
> BID: $ANS-041.01
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> + Return the form sent with the letter to reply with your donation
>   for the Fox-1 Project.
>   - All donations over $40 will receive a Fox pin.
>   - Donations of $120 or more qualify you for AMSAT President's Club

I invite All to donate the maximum as possible only to AMSAT-DL for
P3E because AMSAT-NA before the launch of OSCAR-10 promised to
the Radio Amateur Community to communicate by satellite much better
than in HF.........Where actually the Amateur Satellite Service have gone ?

I pull only for AMSAT-DL and P3E because looking to the AMSAT-NA
projects for a HEO at this time, before AO40 died I invested a lot of money
in my HEO satellite station for nothing.

I trust only on  P3E  because the AMSAT-DL President DB2OS,Peter
Guelzow on 29 JAN 2012 writes on this AMSAT-BB the following

"Indeed all money donated to the P3-E project goes into the P3-E project
and we are grateful for all those direct contributions and support in
particular from many individual AMSAT-NA members and indeed many other
hams from around the world. Due to ITAR, unfortunatly AMSAT-NA had to
stop all it's official support (including money, which hurts) for P3-E
several years ago, as you wrote.. For example, we had to re-build and
continue the IHU hardware and software development on our own resources.
The same for the original SDX development, etc.  The S/C is still
sitting in our clean room in Marburg and waiting to be finalized. Having
no firm launch date yet, activities slowed down in some areas, while
other activities and groups are highly active and well alive.  The
biggest problem is indeed having no firm launch date yet..  this is
frustration for everyone involved. We all put so much volunteer work and
time into it...

When I read "Forget P3-E, build an MEO" (that's how I read it first) I
was indeed very concerned..  should we really forget all the hard work,
time and money which already went into the project and scrap it???   And
what than?    No - I'm not giving up...

OK, reading the second time I understood that Dave meant we should put
P3-E on  VEGA and use it's propulsion to go to MEO...

Unfortunately things are not so easy..  P3-E was designed to go from GTO
into HEO.  For example, all the magnetic attitude control won't work in
MEO anymore, etc..    Thus we were looking for GTO, but would it fit on
VEGA?  Indeed, we could try an elliptical orbit with a much lower
apogee,  but than we have to carefully study the effects of orbit
resonances which caused AO-13 to burn-up too soon.   However, I do
sympathize with the idea and we thought about it in the past, but
discarded the idea for reasons I have almost forgotten now.    So,
perhaps we should look again at it..  do some orbit and fuel
calculation, study orbit perturbations and orbit stability again and see
what the impact will be on the S/C design.    Any volunteers for that?

As Nitin wrote,  we contacted AMSAT-India to help with contacts to
ISRO,  we are in contact with SpaceX and I recently had a personal
letter exchange with the CEO of Arianespace.  If a launch possibility
arises, we will be on it.   It is not always a matter of money, but also
a matter of compatibility to slip in.  Ariane-5 for example is a real
workhorse now with standard launch configurations.  Any change on that
costs them a lot of money. If there is an "unusual" configuration were
they have to ask industry for a configuration change, than it might also
be easier for us to slip in..
That simply means we have to wait for the right moment or finding new
qualification flight..  Ariane 5ME is such opportunity we are actively
working on, but this will not be before 2018.

In the last several month our work and priority was mostly focused
regarding our funding situation and to improve it.  Although most people
still did not understand it, but the P5-A project is one these
opportunity we need. It is well alive and currently heavily discussed
within the highest ranks inside of our government organizations.   Apart
from this, we are currently working on another project to fly an hosted
payload on a GEO satellite... A decision is not made yet, but if we get
the opportunity it will provide some neat communication capabilities.
Our previous heritage and  P5 will help here too.."

73s Peter DB2OS

Hello Peter.......be sure that all of us with experience from OSCAR-10
to AO40 are pulling for P3E......go-ahead ! !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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