[amsat-bb] Fw: New version - Masat Ground station Client software

Nitin Muttin vu3tyg at yahoo.co.in
Thu Feb 2 20:42:26 PST 2012

The new verion has a bug and the below error is shown the bat file is executed.
"Unable to access jar file2010-gndcclient-java3.jar"
Java needs to be started manually, double click on the jar file or runjava -jar GNDClient.jar. The final version will be available next week from the MASAT Team.


Nitin [VU3TYG]

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Date: 01/02/12 19:41

 Hello,Sorry, we forget to update the bat, and sh file-s.So you have to
double click on the jar file or runjava -jar GNDClient.jarWe collect the
bugs to release the final version next week.
Thanks for your report.
Tibor MezeiAm 
2. Februar 2012 17:06 schrieb Nitin Muttin
<vu3tyg at amsatindia.org>:
Hello Tibor,
I installed the new version but the software does not
execute, attached is the error. I am using Winxp with service pack 3.

Nitin [VU3TYG]
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 Dear Nitin,
the newest version of the MASAT-1 client software is
 available on our website:


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