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Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 18:51:21 PST 2012

About two years ago, I set out to get my VUCC in 6 months.  Quickly, I
found it no challenge when we had AO-51, SO-67, AO-27, and SO-50 on
FM.  The odds are good because there are more unique stations on the
FM birds.  Like the FM birds or not, they DO attract more operators.
In about four months, I had over one hundred grids confirmed.  In the
original six month goal period, I'd already hit two hundred.  It
slowed down quite a bit.

I changed my goal a little bit as I neared the 6 month window.  I
decided I'd pursue it via Logbook of the World.  That turned out to be
a real challenge!  To this day, of the 300+ grids I have confirmed by
card, I only have 120 or so confirmed by LoTW.  Some of the ones I
have in LoTW, however, I do not have in paper cards.  I always try to
return the favor and have confirmed 65+ grids for people via LoTW on
my road trips.

With SO-50 our only operational FM bird, I do spend more time on the
linear SSB transponder birds.  It's fun, of course, since you can have
an actual QSO rather than a contest-style grid exchange.  Heck, I even
pick up a new grid square once in a while.  But I miss having AO-51.
I support FOX-1 as it will be the gateway drug of choice for new

One thing that I have noticed is that about 50% or better of those on
the Leader Board for Satellite VUCC are seldom or NEVER heard on the
satellites.  Maybe they are silent keys or maybe their interests
changed.  It's just an observation.  Not good or bad.  If you're one
of those who hung that piece of paper up and parked your antennas, I'd
like to work you.  I'm sure others out there could use a grid

Still learning, having fun, and making new friends....


On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 8:01 PM, John Price <n4qwf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My goodness! I got #135 on April 5th 2004. There must have been a long dry
> spell.
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 7:07 PM, Ted <k7trkradio at charter.net> wrote:
>> First of all, congrats to KC9TTR for #236  !!
>> As a side comment, I look up at VUCC #226 (dated 12-29-11). That means
>> there
>> have been only 100 VUCC's this year. The death of HO68, SO67, AO51 and now
>> AO27 really put the 'hurt' on new activity. I feel fortunate to have got
>> most of my grids from AO-51. Any future VUCC's are going to take a lot of
>> effort and hard work.
>> 73, Ted, K7TRK

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