[amsat-bb] FCD/SDR

Tom Lubbers K8TL k8tl at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 17 06:02:23 PST 2012

I have the original FCD and the HF adapter. I ordered the new DC to light FCD a few hours before the December QST arrived. 

I have been playing with the dongle for a while.  Mainly on the satellites but have also copied EME JT65 signals with it. On FO-29 and AO-7 it is fun to watch the whole band pass at once.

In many cases some preselection is necessary (VHF repeater for the gas company is close by, if you don't tune it out the system is desensed).  On the HF side, a simple LC tuner as a quantum improvement.

SO after the QST article I stopped by Best Buy. Without the benefit of exotic test equipment a can say I can't tell the difference!!

I hooked up the HF adapter, again can't tell the difference.

Now all I need is a computer controlled VFO!!

73 Merry Christmas and HNY

Tom K8TL

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