[amsat-bb] More North Korea Satellite and Launch Info

Larry Koziel K8MU k8mu599mi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 14:09:55 PST 2012

I found several articles that may be of interest on a website "devoted 
to analysis of North Korea." The site <http://38north.org/> is a program 
of the US-Korea Institute at SAIS (School of Advanced International 
Studies, Johns Hopkins University).

The first was published in April, and has as detailed a description and 
photographs of what was probably the engineering prototype of the 
satellite that was successfully orbited: 
The second, published shortly before the launch, discusses GeoEye 
satellite imagery that shows preparations at the launch site: 
A third article shows the launch trajectory and has a link to a KMZ file 
that illustrates approximately the first half-orbit that can be viewed 
in 3-D with GoogleEarth: http://38north.org/2012/04/tongchang041012/ 

Larry K8MU

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