[amsat-bb] rx Sirius sat beacons with AIDC3733 converter

f6htj at aol.com f6htj at aol.com
Mon Dec 10 03:23:02 PST 2012

In addition: Good reception of sat carriers (+/- 2320.190 MHz)
with AIDC3733 2400>144 converter (was modified for AO40 rx):
receiver set at +/- 64.190 MHz (instead of 144.190)

73 de Michel F6HTJ

Hello all; for information here in south west Europe we use 2320,100 to 
2320,300 cw/ssb portion of 13cm band for tropospheric , AS , RS,  traffic. 
I have been told by Piero I5CTE 
there is permanent continuous carrier beacon around 2320.190 MHz (+/- 
doppler) by 1 of the 3 Sirius elliptic NA satellites. 
It appears reception is very good here with small 20 turn helix
antenna (in spite of 12m heliax coax) peaking 539. 
Apogee (50000km ) around 325deg with 27deg elevation. 
F5BOF reports same signal with small hand held 25 elements f9ft yagi.

So these are for us very interesting beacons. Depending hours we can receive 1 o 2 sats.
Real time positions (Sirius-1 / Sirius-2 / Sirius-3) here:
Any info about beacon sat polarisation and eirp ?

73 de Michel F6HTJ
Amsat #7409

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