[amsat-bb] payload potential

R Oler orbitjet at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 5 22:51:24 PST 2012


"The STP-2 mission will be launched on SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy from SLC-40 and is targeted for mid-2015.
The goals of the mission are to launch an Integrated Payload Stack 
(IPS) consisting of two co-prime space vehicles (SVs), up to six 
auxiliary payloads (APLs) (minimum of two APLs), up to eight separate 
Poly-PicoSatellite Orbital Deployers (P-PODs) (TBD cubesats), and 
LSC-provided ballast of up to 5,000kg."

lots of ballast...

The Falcon9D launch looks like the rebirth of Triana.  Robert WB5MZO

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