[amsat-bb] My first transatlantic contact on satellites

Hector, CO6CBF hmartinez at ucf.edu.cu
Wed Dec 5 07:27:31 PST 2012

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to report that yesterday morning I had my first transatlantic
contact on satellites. I worked EA4CYQ Juan Antonio in IM78cx. 

I had looked for intercontinental contacts before but it had been very hard
for me.  Now, running my new donated satellite gear I am able to work FO-29
until 0 degree in any direction. It was my third attempt and was successful!

Cubans cannot operate on AO-7 mode B due to a 432MHz restriction in our
country, so we have only a few chances on FO-29 every five months when the
satellite is getting close to apogee. Juan Antonio and I had a two minutes
window and we had enough time to interchange reports, grids and greetings.  

Here is the recording:

Thanks very much to Juan Antonio EA4CYQ for the great contact and to John
K8YSE for look for us and record the contact!

Right Now, FO-29 has a big footprint in the morning passes. Please, if you
are into the footprint and want to try a long contact, just drop me an email
directly. I will try until have a contact with you. 


Hector, CO6CBF






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