[amsat-bb] RAX-2

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Mon Oct 31 11:15:46 PDT 2011

Using Object C, E, and F, I did hear RAX-2 this morning but could not 
copy the data.  Since I do not have an external TNC, I used the TS-2000 
internal TNC.

For those who have the TS-2000, I set Menu 46=Main; Menu 47=9600 bps; 
Menu 48=TNC Band; and Menu 55=On.  I then used HyperTerm to connect to 
the TNC and did a RESET.  I turned Kiss=On, Mon=On, MCON=On, and 
MCOM=On.  I disconnected from Hyperterm and ran RAX_Serial_to_TCP.bat; I 
then ran RAX_GS_Client.bat.  The Summary Panel is being displayed and I 
received not errors from either BAT file.  I have the Mode set to FM on 
437.345 MHz.  I had to manually tune (from 5 KHz above to 5 KHz below 
the center frequency during the pass) since the TNC is using the COM 
port negating any CAT control.  As I said before, I am seeing a very 
strong signal on my S-meter about every 20 secs.  Since 9.6K sound much 
like noise, I can not really distinguish the data from the noise.

Anyone have a suggestions as to why I am not displaying data?
*Carl W8KRF*

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