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Tue Nov 29 14:33:38 PST 2011

Cool George! it's not the building and concepts that's difficult.  It's getting the damn things up there.  We should have a division of AMSAT that does rockets, and launch our own.  Like my Dad told me, "the difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer". 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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Better yet, take the 10.8 MHz IF output from one of their old Bearcat scanners, 

programmed for a 2-meter uplink, add an appropriate local oscillator and  high 
pass filter, feed the resulting signal to the final stage from one of  their old 

sideband CB's, and you've got a mode A *LINEAR*  satellite!! 

We could call it OSCAR 10-4! 

George,  KA3HSW 

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> > 
> > OK I have a suggestion: a new inexpensive satellite, It  will be designated:   
> >*ReNe-Sat-3, *that will be an abbreviation  for: *Red Neck Satellite #3 ( 
> >Ernharts Sr. NASCAR #). 
> > 
> > *We will take 2 Woxun HT's, 2 Larsen Mag-mounts,  2**1/4 wave  antennas, a 
> >panel with charger from Northern Hydraulics and   last but not least about 100 
> >feet of NASCAR 200mph duct tape. 
> > 
> > We take the  2 radios set them up for our frequencies, duct tape  them 
> >mount the  antennas on the solar panel hook the solar  panel up to the HT 
> >batteries and last  but not least we send two of  the south's finest: 
> >"Bubba &  Cooter"* up with the  new bird to deploy it. We will tell Bubba & 
> >Cooter that  they  can have free passes to all the NASCAR races for 2012 when 

> >they get  this  satellite working and in orbit. 
> > 
> > I promise they will  have that thing  (or  should i say "thang") up and 
> >in  HEO and be back before the  first race in February 2012. 
> > 
> >  For those that are not sure, YES I AM MAKING  A JOKE! 
> > 
> > /*It  is difficult work to keep these satellites working and the  control 
> >operators deserve a round of applause from us for all that they  have  done to 
> >extend the life of AO51 and all of the other  birds. 
> > 
> > */ 
> > Frank 
> > K4FEG 
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