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yes, thanks to all control operators here and abroad, but especially those from the AMSAT-NA team who worked so hard in keeping AO-51 on for as long as it has!  I've made my first contact (WD9EWK) on AO-51....I will miss it a lot.

73's Peter VE7NGP

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OK I have a suggestion: a new inexpensive satellite, It will be 
designated: *ReNe-Sat-3, *that will be an abbreviation for: *Red Neck 
Satellite #3 ( Dale Ernharts Sr. NASCAR #).

*We will take 2 Woxun HT's, 2 Larsen Mag-mounts, 2**1/4 wave antennas, a 
solar panel with charger from Northern Hydraulics and last but not least 
about 100 feet of NASCAR 200mph duct tape.

We take the 2 radios set them up for our frequencies, duct tape them 
together mount the antennas on the solar panel hook the solar panel up 
to the HT batteries and last but not least we send two of the south's 
finest: *Astronaut "Bubba & Cooter"* up with the new bird to deploy it. 
We will tell Bubba & Cooter that they can have free passes to all the 
NASCAR races for 2012 when they get this satellite working and in orbit.

I promise they will have that thing (or  should i say "thang") up and 
running in HEO and be back before the first race in February 2012.

For those that are not sure, YES I AM MAKING A JOKE!

/*It is difficult work to keep these satellites working and the control 
operators deserve a round of applause from us for all that they have 
done to extend the life of AO51 and all of the other birds.

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