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As someone else replied, there is the IC-9100.  Pretty much everything but
the kitchen sink is available for it.  In the same range is the Flex VU-5K.
It is still a work in progress, and there are some rough edged on the
TS-2000 emulation which you use for CAT control.  Still, it is impressive to
be able to watch the entire passband of an analog satellite.  Both are
almost certainly overkill if you are looking at CubeSat telemetry and

For a basic VU rig, I would try and find a good used FT-847.  They are also
out of production, but they come up on eBay from time to time.  Mine, from
1998, is still going strong, though it is being moved to backup status.
Later ones preferred, as Yaesu made several incremental improvements over
the production run.

Finally, software such as SATPC32 will allow you to take two rigs, such as
FT-817s, and operate them as if it were one, full duplex rig.  




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I would appreciate info on what the currently available satellite radios 
are.  We have used the IC-910 and FT-736R for some time and now need to 
recommend a radio to a couple of groups building cubesats.  The 736 is 
of course long gone but it appears the 910 is also no longer made. We 
recently helped a group who had bought a TS-2000 and I was not 
particularly impressed with it as a satellite radio.

So what's current and what works well on V and U?

jim at coloradosatellite.com
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