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Thank you for your response. Let me clarify. At least for now, I am NOT looking for information is ARISS contacts, but rather with how educators have used ARISSat-1 in the classroom. That said I would be be glad to here from or about teachers and principals who got behind the ARRISSat-1 project. 

Specifically I would like to hear and see how schools may have listened to the voice telemetry or captured the BPSK -1000 telemetry or or the CW telemetry and how they may have fit a lesson around it. Also would be any classes who may have even ventured to make a transponder contact. 

I judge ARRISSat-1 and educational and OSCAR satellites could be better utilized in the classroom, even if they are only beacon sats. ARRIS contacts grab a lot of attention but with a couple hundred thousand schools in the country, their odds of ever making an ARISS contact is very slim. Yet, there are a lot of opportunities with the number of satellites that are active now and will be in the future to use them as a means to motivate and interest students in science, ham radio and AMSAT. I suggest that we as AMSAT should be leaders in establishing curriculum plans that might include our hobby.

I am not alone here. Expect to hear more about this initiative in the coming weeks. Expect to see the AMSAT-EDU bb-list become active soon, as well, to become a forum for this discussion. So, Clint and all, point us toward those phenomenal educators and administrators, share with us your experiences. We don't need to recreate the wheel we just need to keep it rolling..


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>> ... With ARISSat-1's main mission being Educational I would like to hear about people's experiences with schools in using ARISSat-1 as a teaching tool ...

What do you need? Classroom lessons abound for all aspects of amateur radio as it applies to the satellites - from elementary school to college classrooms.

Each ARISS contact has a lot of work "behind the scenes" at the campuses. There are phenomenal teachers and school administrations who really get 
behinds their ARISS projects.

Be a little more specific with what you need - and I can either assist you, or point you towards excellent resources.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS
NASA / ARISS school technical support

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