[amsat-bb] Re: In School ARSSat Demos / lessons

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 20 15:31:19 PST 2011

>> ... The request is for using the ARISSat-1 satellite in classrooms not ARISS.

YES - But aren't lesson plans on these topics "transferable" to 'bout any similar project?

-Becoming amateur radio-literate
-RDF, Doppler, line of sight projects
-Learning the geography of Earth via QSL cards
-How to talk between school campuses using ham radio
-Ham radio for teaching ESL - as we monitor stations from other countries
-Receiving and interpreting satellite telemetry
-Asking the local astronomy club to explain the fundamentals of radio astronomy
-Building and soldering electronic kits
-Living radio history by building and using crystal radios
-Receiving and studying naturally generated radio signals

Sorry - I guess I just need a little more "focus" as to what the original poster was trying to acquire/achieve. There is no need
for AMSAT to re-create lessons plans to teach students about amateur radio satellite projects. It's been done in thousands of
classrooms already - that info is out there, so to speak.


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