[amsat-bb] NASA FLight Opportunities Program

Jeff Moore tnetcenter at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 17:17:30 PST 2011

Satellite launch opportunity????:       Jeff Moore  --  KE7ACY

NASA has just released an "Announcement of Flight Opportunities" with a due 
date of 12/16/11. This program is looking for payloads:

For Payloads Requiring a Near-Zero or Reduced Gravity Environment: Maturing 
Crosscutting Technologies that Advance Multiple Future Space Missions to 
Flight Readiness Status

Announcement NOCT110 (February 2011 - December 2014)

Call #3 for Proposals

NASA is providing access to certain flight opportunities available to the 
Agency, on a no-exchange-of funds basis, to entities that have technology 
payloads meeting specified criteria.

III. Eligibility: All individuals and organizations, U.S. and non-U.S, are 
eligible to submit a response to this Announcement. Such organizations may 
include educational institutions, industry, nonprofit organizations, 
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, NASA Centers, the Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), other Government agencies, and partnerships 
between such entities.

Find more information here:



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