[amsat-bb] Re: simplest USB rotor interface

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 15:59:56 PST 2011

The saebrtrack from AMSATs own  Mark Hammond is probably the best
documented DIY board. The processor is a bit expensive and slow but the one
I built does work.
I had a FoxDelta ST3 for a while but had problems with it right from the
start. I was able to return it without any trouble. It is probably the best
deal out there. The easiest part of building your own is the software. The
program does not do much so it is straightforward and easy to write. An lcd
display of some type is invaluable in troubleshooting but you can use a
terminal emulation program on a computer for set up. The buttons are not
needed if you have a G5500. The case and cables are the most work.


The LVB Tracker from AMSAT is great in that you can "have it your way". Buy
only what you need from a bare board to a completed unit. It is also a nice
way to help out AMSAT.


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