[amsat-bb] Re: Ao-51 at 2100z today

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 17 14:01:46 PST 2011

>> ... how do you all write down callsigns?

I am not sure what your problem is. I mean ...

-one hand for the Yagi
-one hand for the radio
-one hand for the speaker-mic
-one hand for the clipboard
-one hand for the pencil
-one hand for the tall glass of iced tea
-one hand for your smartphone with its satellite tracking program running


I will sometimes use a smartphone voice recorder app to record passes, for later review. In a shirt pocket, 
to free up my other six hands.

Additionally, I have built a little tray wide enough to accommodate my HT on the boom of my Yagi. Helps 
free another hand, as well as "counter-balancing" the front-heavy antenna. Photos at ...


... and ...


Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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