[amsat-bb] Object IDs

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Thu Nov 10 13:47:08 PST 2011

I have made some progress in my decoding and I am decoding E1P-U2 
consistently, but I am still not certain of which object it is.  Has 
anyone definitely, or within reason, identified which of the original 
objects the various sats are? Since AubieSat, M-Cubed, and E1P were in 
the first pod to be deployed, I would think they would be clustered.  
RAX-2 should be all by itself.  Object A and H are none of the sats but 
rather the booster, etc.   I am asking mainly because I am using Object 
F for E1P but the doppler correction is off.  What are those of you who 
are tracking these sats using?  I am ready to try to decode RAX-2 and 
M-Cubed again but I want to make certain I am using the right TLEs.


*Carl W8KRF*

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