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Hello Trevor...an amateur fastscan would be popular but seen by almost no one (grin)...a 5ghz link would be technically challenging.

other then a good 2/10 and 2/70cm transponder on ISS what I would advocate is a slight improvement over the APT system used in weather sats and pushed down by packet..that would be very popular and quite doable by "ordinary" hams.

I think I know how they are going to get the video down...we just installed a system in a Gulfstream sized airplane...that allows live video on one of the satellite systems with a reasonably small antenna (hint it fits on the T Tail top)....we can do live video conferencing in 45 degree banks (grin)...doing the flight test on it now..the people who are selling it claim they are getting ready to put one on Ivans side of the station.  I believe that claim after what they showed me today.

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> > http://www.marketwatch.com/story/russian-federal-space-agency-urthecast-earth-video-camera-inc-partner-on-a-new-visionary-space-project-2011-11-04
> Interesting, not too sure how Urthecast intend to make money out of this - not convinced they'd get enough consumers to pay. I note it mentioned using existing Russian antennas, I wasn't aware there was much spare capacity. At 2.5 Terrabytes a day, that's a lot of expensive bandwidth that someone has to pay for. 
> There's no doubt an Amateur fast scan TV camera on the ISS would prove popular, I note also that there was some speculation on the Radioskraf web Forum about 5 GHz ATV on a future Radioskraf sat.
> http://tinyurl.com/Radioskaf 
> 73 Trevor M5AKA
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