[amsat-bb] Frustrated...need detumbling program.

Carl Rimmer W8KRF w8krf at w8krf.net
Tue Nov 8 13:59:57 PST 2011

The subject line is meant to be facetious, however, I am experiencing 
much frustration and my brain (what ever is left up there) is tumbling 
when it comes to decoding the cubesats that were deployed on Oct 28.    
I have been decoding the telemetry from ARISSat-1 without any problems.  
I have copied and recorded SRMSAT.  I have had QSOs on AO-7.  I have 
digi'd through ISS.  I even had a nice QSO with Mike Fossum last week.  
BUT, I can not decode any of the telemetry from RAX-2, M-Cubed, or E1P.  
I hear them but just can not see anything using HyperTerminal or the 
designated Decoding software.  I only have the Internal TNC in the 
TS-2000 and the SignaLink USB/AWGPE. I did try an old MFJ-1270B but it 
is not able to do 9k6 with its internal modem.  I don't know how to tune 
them in using USB.    The mode is stated as FSK or Non-Coherent FSK.  I 
was told to use USB but the signal sounds awful.

I know there are a few of you who are copying them.  Maybe it is my 
ignorance or lack of experience, or maybe it just takes more 
sophisticated equipment.  It just seems to me that if the amateur 
community is being asked to help with these projects, then it should be 
less complicated to do so.  I have pretty much given up on them and put 
all my effort now into ARISSat-1 while it lasts.

If anyone can come down to my level and give me some advise without 
being so matter-of-fact about it, I would appreciate it.  If I just 
can't do it with what I have, then tell me, so I can stop wasting my 
golden years trying to be a rocket scientist or space cadet or whatever. 


*Carl W8KRF

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