[amsat-bb] Etching a KLM RHCP/LHCP PCB

WILLIAMS MICHAEL k9qho6762 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 7 15:08:57 PST 2011

I've completed and etched one side#1 of the PCB with Press and Peel.

Side#2 needs to be etched. the artwork is very basic and can be completed by hand and Rub-On Etch Resist. I had to drill 8 alignment holes to help line up the artwork to each side.

Question #1:
 I don't want the etching solution to leach through the holes. I had some donuts to cover the holes, but they are so old that the glue is no good. Is there anything that can temporarily fill or cover the holes until side #2 is completed?

Question #2:
 Has anyone used clear packing tape to cover the areas where the copper is to be protected or will the etching solution just eat it up with the copper?

You have to admit this isn't a typical AMSAT-BB question. In projects before this, I just used side #2 as the ground plane.  


Mike (K9QHO) 

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