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I wrote:  (and the time delay makes it well a unique form of transportation)..transportation should obviously be "communication".

the reality of a lunar transponder (or even a packet system) would be that it would encourage a lot of things that the FM sats do not...and discourage a lot of bad things...it wont happen I know because of a lot of reasons...but it would change our hobby and the satellite part of it for the better.  RGO WB5MZO life member AMSAT ARRL NARS 

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Bob...its been done here a zillion times...it wont be done with an HT and a small yagi...it will however be possible whereas a "Mars" effort is really not possible for anyone except "Goldstone class" stations (and the time delay makes it well a unique form of transportation).  A small linear transponder with some horizon omni gain antennas would be a challenge, but it would be easier then moonbounce Robert G. Oler WB5MZO life member AMSAT ARRL NARS

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Just for the sake of conversation and thinking.  What would the link budget look like for a transponder on the moon.  


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to bad there cant be an amateur radio payload even a really small one...this probe should be "longer lived" then most as it should have a constant energy source...

Wonder why the Europeans are thinking of sending Phase 5A to Mars?  It will probably never fly and almost no hams can be a part of that...so well why not send it to L2 in the Earth Moon systems...a halo orbit...

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