[amsat-bb] Re: Charge for Satellite Tracking?

Armando Mercado am25544 at triton.net
Tue Nov 1 10:28:44 PDT 2011

>..........but please keep in mind
>that I have watched for several years as budgets have been cut, my tuition
>and living expenses goes up, and my income and financial-aid remain the
>same. It is like a broken record (yes I know what records are) to hear
>people complain about a short term inconvenience and offer a solution that
>threatens long term progress.

>Anthony Odenthal
>President Amateur Radio Club at OSU

Hi Anthony,

Very well said.  I find it astonishing the tone
deafness of some of the postings that 
appear here from time to time. 

Thanks for your post.

73,  Armando   N8IGJ

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