[amsat-bb] FS: ICOM 910H

Angelo Glorioso n5uxt at hotmail.com
Mon May 23 16:50:01 PDT 2011

   I am listing for sale an Icom-910H VHF/UHF  Satellite rig. I am second owner. I just sent the radio
to Burghardt Radio repairs to have a keypad problem fix and the radio checked out
before selling.

  a.. 100 W of stable output power on VHF (75 W on UHF) 
  b.. High performance receiver 
  c.. Additional 1200 MHz band unit (UX-910)   OPTIONAL ********
  d.. 9600 bps packet operation 
  e.. Two data sockets for simultaneous two band packet communications. 
  f.. Satellite communications 
    a.. Simultaneous display of uplink and downlink frequencies 
    b.. Satellite memory channels 
    c.. Normal/reverse tracking 
    d.. Easy Doppler compensation 
  g.. All receiver functions work on main and sub bands 
  h.. IF shift 
  i.. Attenuator 
  j.. Noise blanker 
  k.. Sweep function observes conditions around the displayed frequency 
  l.. Four types of scanning 
  m.. Memory pad temporarily stores the operating frequencies and modes 
  n.. Electronic keyer with a dot/dash ratio control 
  o.. FM-narrow mode (FM-N) (except 1200 MHz band) 
  p.. CI-V capability for PC control 
  q.. 50 tone CTCSS encoder 
  r.. One touch repeater function 
****** An optional UX-910 1200 MHz band unit is required for 1200 MHz operation.

******Optional UT-106 DSP - Supports 2 - One for each band.

 I am asking $750.00 plus shipping. If interested, contact me off the list please.

Angelo Glorioso III

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