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> The most recent stuff on the P3E website is from 2005 and what I'm
> guessing is the most recent thing posted on Eagle's website isn't dated
> and says that updates will be provided when progress is made.
> I'm just curious as to what the real status/in-progress milestone/really
> really rough guess as to when completion becomes a possibility is.  I know
> these are not quick and easy projects, but published updates every 6
> months(at least) would be awesome.

Hi Ben ,

The most recent stuff on P3E comes from the AMSAT-DL Symposium and
AGM on May 14 2011 in Bochum and in a separate email I will send to you
a pdf file 4.27 MB long describing the P3E status / update with pictures and

In addition I can send the above file to everyone requesting it to me.

About Eagle's I don't have any information.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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