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May 19, 2011, Massapequa  Park, NY - A delegation of Amateur Radio operators
from the Long Island /  New York City area met this morning with Congressman
Peter T. King (R-NY)  to discuss his recent proposed legislation, HR 607, 
its impact on  Amateur Radio.

Congressman King said that he fully understands and  appreciates the
importance of Amateur Radio and the service it provides to  the community,
and that he would see to the modification of the bill so  that the 420 - 
440 MHz
band would be excluded from the spectrum to be  auctioned. The delegation 
Mike Lisenco, N2YBB, ARRL Section  Manager for New York City / Long Island 
Peter Portanova, WB2OQQ, NLI  Local Government Liaison (LGL), George Tranos,
N2GA, NLI State Government  Liaison (SGL), and Jim Mezey, W2KFV, NLI ARES
Section Emergency Coordinator  (SEC).

"The Congressman went on to explain that it was never his  intention to 
the 70 centimeter band from Amateur use. He further  asked us to `get the 
out' and inform the Amateur Radio community that  70 centimeters is not in 
said Lisenco.

Lisenco, Mezey and  Tranos spoke about the importance of Amateur Radio 
communications  while Portanova, who is also the local AMSAT 
representative,  addressed
satellite and other amateur use of the 70 centimeter  band.

The Congressman was very receptive to the group, who also  extended an 
invitation to
attend Field Day locations in his  District.

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