[amsat-bb] Re: What is the status of AO-51 again?

Alexander Sack pisymbol at gmail.com
Wed May 18 07:55:27 PDT 2011

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Andrew Glasbrenner
<glasbrenner at mindspring.com> wrote:
>>I do (did), but that page is not very helpful regarding an individual pass?
>>"The uplink is 145.880, and the downlink is 435.150. We are working on
>>trying to automate this."
>>So I am on 435.150 but the last couple of passes have been silent over
>>FN20.  Can others confirm?
> This is the important part:
> "At this time the command team is turning the repeater on and off during some US passes, mainly in the afternoon, and only as available. The repeater is open to all when this happens."
> It's only going to be on when a command station is around and available to do it, until we get the process automated. I haven't had the chance to turn it on since Sunday afternoon.

I understand.  I am not trying to be a pain or ungrateful.  I realize
AO-51 is having some troubles (based on your last status updates) but
the above statements are still unclear when I should or shouldn't go
out to listen to a pass.  That's all I was saying.

I want you and the team to do what is necessary obviously to get the
most out of the AO-51 project.  I just felt miserable after standing
in the rain twice and hearing nothing!



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