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Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Tue May 17 21:19:09 PDT 2011



Congratulations and welcome to the kool-aid. You never forget your first
satellite contact, mine was W6AJP 21 July @ 0100UT on AO-51. 


Your comments are spot on. What's the saying? We have two ears so we should
listen twice as much as we talk. 


Like you, I'd love to get on the linear birds, but it's just not financially
feasible right now. Someday....


I use both HRD and N3FPJ's Contact log. I also keep a paper log as well and
Just recently set up for LotW. HRD is free and N3FPJ does ask for a $19
registration fee, But I tend to lean that way, $19 is not a big expense in
my book and I like the way it work better. Hat being said I upload to LotW
from HRD, because I've figured that part out first :). Try 'em both (N3FPJ
has a 45 day free demo period) and go with what works best for you. 



Go here for information about LotW and Satellite logging: 




Again Welcome to the birds. Hope to work you soon.



Clear Skies


Rick Tejera

Saguaro Astronomy Club

Phoenix, Arizona


saguaroastro at cox.net 

K7TEJ, AMSAT 38452


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I've been grinning ear-to-ear for a little while now that I have my first

satellite contacts completed.  I find it astonishing that a hobby as mundane

sounding as Amateur Radio can have any aspect of it that is

as exhilarating as this experience has been.  From the day I got my Tech

ticket, I've wanted to work the birds, but, being a younger ham, life takes

its turns.  Thank you to my #1 - K8YSE, #2 - AC0RA, #3 - W7JPI, #4 - WA4NV,

and #5 - K8TL.


That said, I've learned a few things while lurking on here and the


 - Be patient. There's a lot of hams and only a few FM birds. (I'd love to

get into the linear birds too, but I'd need congressional approval from the

wife for the budgetary consideration required to make that a reality.)

 - Don't try to transmit on the bird's downlink frequency.  No matter how

hard you try, you will be doing a lot of talking to yourself.

 - Clean up the dog poo in the backyard.


Now, some questions: I want to use Ham Radio Deluxe as my log (unless I hear

of something that is much better) and I'm setup for LotW.  How often should

I upload to LotW?  Are there any gotchas with logging satellite contacts?

 Best practices?


Also, I want to (eventually) do paper QSL cards.  If you do them, how do you

usually handle them?  Who do you recommend to use to get them made?




Ben Napper - KC0PCQ


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