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!!!   Live Dayton Hamvention Broadcast !!! 

Announcement.   The 9 th annual live web TV broadcast is here again. Over $5000 in prizes to lucky viewers.   Prizes include Ft-950, IC80AD, LDG auto antenna tuners, Diawa SWR/wattmeters, Antennas, Heil Boom sets, Tentec mics, $500 toward and Alpha Amp, communication speakers, Kantronics KPC-3+, Peetbros weather stations, Ham hats, qsl cards, coax, magazine subscriptions, and much more.   We gave away over $10,000 in prizes last year. 


All you have to do is be logged into the chat room at http://w5kub.com and tell us you are there when we pick and call your name.     You will be able to see live video/audio TV on the internet.   There were over 50,000 hams follow us last year in over 150 countries. 


Here is our schedule. We will be live from Wednesday morning May 18 th until we get home Sunday night. 


Wed May 18 th 0800 Central time 1300 UTC   watch us drive live the 550 miles from Memphis to Dayton, OH. 


Thurs May 19 th , 0900 Eastern time. 1400 UTC we will be setting up our fleamarket space 

Thurs afternoon we will probably broadcast the U.S. Air Force Museum 


Friday 0800   May 20 th 0800   Eastern or 1200 UTC start broadcasting the Dayton Hamvention 


Friday afternoon May 20 th at 3:00 Pm eastern 1900 UTC we will have Astronaut Col Doug Wheelock as our guest. 


Friday night May 20 th 1900-2100 UTC broadcast the D-star meeting at the Drury Hotel 


Saturday May 21 0800 Eastern or 1200 UTC Dayton Hamvention 


Sunday May 22 0800 Eastern or 1200 UTC Dayton Hamvention 


Sunday afternoon, watch us drive live back to Memphis , Tn (10 hour drive) 


  Watch us, join in on the chat room and talk directly to us or other hams around the world. 


W5KUB is not associated in any way with the Dayton Hamvention. We do this as a hobby and at no cost to the ham community. It cost a substantial amount of cash to put on a broadcast of this size. Any donations are appreciated using the Paypal donation button on our website but it is not required. We just want hams to have fun. Many can not make this trip because of distance, finances, or sickness. We get great pleasure out of doing this for those people. 


Our web site is up 365 days a year. When not live, we run recorded videos. Come join us anytime. 


Also sorry but we had to change the chat room at the last minute. This new service does not support any IRC clients such as Mirc.   We provide a built in client on our page. 




Thanks, Tom W5KUB

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