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Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Wed May 11 16:30:36 PDT 2011

Well, first of all, congratulations are in order !!

I still have issues with LoTW as to satellite contacts and the VUCC. I still
DO NOT see where I am getting credit for multiple contacts (different grids)
with you and other stations that roam. LoTW is only giving 1 credit for the
other station, despite different grids. Asking them about it is, of course
an exercise in futility !!

Anyway, congratulations to Patrick

73, Ted, K7TRK

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Back in February, shortly after ARRL announced that the VUCC award
would be supported in Logbook of the World, I uploaded my satellite
QSOs to that system.  I have since added other non-satellite QSOs, 
and have uploaded subsequent satellite QSOs (including the QSOs from 
the Sierra Vista AZ hamfest and my operating from the DM51/DM52 grid 
boundary last Saturday).  On 8 February, I filed an application
for a satellite VUCC award using the 103 grids I had credit for in 
LOTW.  After 3 months and lots of face-to-face chats with my ARRL
section manager and division director, along with e-mails to the LOTW 
help desk and other e-mails copied to several in the ARRL hierarchy, 
my VUCC application was cancelled yesterday.  

There have been problems in the migration of the VUCC award into the 
LOTW system, and my application was apparently a victim of those 
problems.  Thankfully, the credit card I submitted with the application
had not been charged - probably the only thing ARRL did right in the 
past 3 months with that (not charging it until the application was
processed).  I don't know the reason(s) why my application was 
cancelled, even after additional e-mails yesterday asking for more 
information.  I was told that I could resubmit my VUCC application, 
now that the original application was cancelled.

In the past 3 months, my grid count in LOTW went up 10, to 113.  I 
filed my application, and waited.  This time, the application was 
approved in 24 hours!  When I log into LOTW now, I see that I have 
been awarded a satellite VUCC.  Other than seeing what gets charged 
to my credit card for the new application, ensuring there is no charge
for the cancelled application and getting the certificate in the 
mailbox, this is the way things should work when an application is 
filed through LOTW.  The fees are another matter, but at least the 
process of getting a VUCC through LOTW appears to be finally working.  

Thanks to all of those who have been uploading satellite QSOs to the
LOTW system.  Many - like me - started in the last few months since 
the announcement that VUCC would be supported in LOTW.  A few have 
been uploading satellite QSOs over the past few years.  I'll wait 
and see if ARRL revisits the matter of the VUCC fees before I apply
for an endorsement to my satellite VUCC (I have over 300 more grids 
I could add to it, using QSL cards), but for now I have a VUCC coming
my way.  I will continue uploading my satellite QSOs to LOTW, for 
those who want to use that to apply for or endorse a satellite VUCC.

I know I could have applied for a satellite VUCC with QSL cards 
as far back as late 2006.  I know I had accumulated enough cards for
a VUCC back then.  I put it off, thinking "Why not wait until I have 
125?"  Then 150, 175, 200, and so on into the 300s.  Around the 350 
mark, I decided to wait until I reached 400.  By this point, it was 
about the time ARRL made its announcement about VUCC in LOTW along 
with the new fee structure.  I decided to try the on-line application, 
instead of having to buy dinner for my local card checker as he went 
through my cards (especially if I filed the application with all the 
grids I have confirmed).  I may still be on the hook for a lunch or 
dinner, if I write out an application to endorse my VUCC in the 
future.  :-) 



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