[amsat-bb] Re: searching advice on low hpass filter for 146 MHz

Werner Kullmann, HB9BNK hb9bnk at uska.ch
Tue May 10 01:34:54 PDT 2011

Thank you all for your valuable informations. Yesterday, I carried 
the IC910H into the garden and attached a Arrow Antenna directly 
to it. Then I listened to AO-7 and FO-29 pointing the Arrow 
roughly into the right direction. The result was amazing: I guess, 
I have not heard such good signals since quite a while !

So, it is clear, that I must first fix my installation - I have 
obviously a problem, which reduces my 'hearing' and I must have 
become used to the bad situation over time.

Then, as some of you suggested, I may have to reduce the preamp 
gain drastically and can probably go without them.

This will take some time. I will document my findings and inform 
you afterwards.

Thanks a lot and 73
Werner, HB9BNK

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