[amsat-bb] AO-51, on old friend.

Sat May 7 06:07:14 PDT 2011


AO-51 has been in many ways like a faithful old dog.  Almost always there,
and one you can trust with the kids.  Every now and then it runs off for a
few days, starts yapping and bothers the neighbors, or makes a mess on the
rug.  Still, just when you start to get annoyed, it gives you a big, wet
kiss and all is forgiven. Sadly Dog Years and Satellite Years are about the
same, and AO-51 is getting along. Others have lived longer, such as SO-50,
and of course the magical AO-7, but few have given so much pleasure to so
many with such simple equipment.  Heck, even the critics have enjoyed
grousing about "Gridsats."  I know I have.  ;)  

When we finally lose an old dog, we mourn, but eventually we find a frisky
new furry friend whom we learn to love, and eventually regard their quirks
with affection, if not exactly delight.  So it is with satellites.  The Fox
Project is getting into high gear, with a laundry list of lessons learned
going into the engineering blender.  Much like laws and sausage, the process
is messy, but out will come a new, challenging satellite.  We even have a
new Fox PayPal contribution button on the AMSAT Fox page for you to
exercise.  ;)  So lets remember AO-51 with affection, but look forward to
the future.  There is room there for LEO, MEO, HEO, and GSO.



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>> ... you can't ... shouldn't ... don't go out any buy anything just for
this ...

Heavy sigh.

It's just that this has been such a good friend ... 

Guess I picked the wrong week to stop drinking Pina Coladas.

Long live AO-51. I have a 67 degree elevation pass coming up in 30 mins ...

Clint, K6LCS
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