[amsat-bb] Re: Question about radios

K8TB k8tb at bosscher.org
Tue May 3 16:44:32 PDT 2011


     I have not done it yet, but the parts are in the shack:
        I will be installing two buffer IF amps on the IC-910H. These 
will feed my SDR-IQ (main and sub rx) . This was my original thought. 
However, I also ordered a FM filter for my K3, and I will simply have 
the K3 monitor the IF tap of the main receiver of the IC-910H. One 
annoyance to me is the +/- 1 kHz RIT of the IC-910H. Not good enough 
when chasing some non computer assisted folks on the birds (ssb/cw). 
With the K3, I then would have essentially an unlimited RIT just from 
the tuning control.

     There, now that I explained it, I had better warm up the iron right?

             tom K8TB

On 5/3/2011 11:50 AM, Edward R. Cole wrote:
> *Note: the K3 is not able to do duplex at this time, but I have an
> idea how it could by using the dual receiver IF.
> My K3 with DEMI transverter is much superior to the FT-847 on 2m, but
> that is only for very weak-signal applications (satellites are on the
> strong side of weak-signal if you get my drift), and use on HF (which
> is not the question that was asked).

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