[amsat-bb] Re: soldering iron recommendation

Lowell White whiteld at usa.net
Thu Mar 31 12:52:28 PDT 2011


Any problems with switch isolation from the AC line? I may add your "hack" to
a standard iron. 



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> Good recommendations, Lowell.
> I use fairly high wattage tips (on an iron, easier to handle) and 
> switch a diode in and out for two reasons...I have two heat choices, 
> and when switched on "low" it keeps the tip from "burning" as 
> quickly, and yet "high" heat is almost immediately available...the 
> switch case and diode holder is made from a short length of 1/2" PVC 
> and two PVC caps...
> >You might find either a 'regular' or average sized soldering gun to be of
> >or a 40W-50W iron, mainly depending on the size of wire / connector you
> >to typically work on. Soldering guns typically will have a higher wattage
> >rating and a larger surface contact area, lending them to better handle
> >heating of, say, the shell of a PL-259. An iron is better suited for
> >or lower power (i.e. more sensitive to heat) applications. Various tips can
> >had on irons also to help suit them to the work to be done. The most
> >are round tips or chisel points.
> >
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