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I always tell people that it is a hobby.  I am also involved with RACES.  I
was involved with commercial satellite communications as well.  You put into
this part of the hobby what you expect to get out of it.  For instance--LEO
vs. HEO.  You must see the many laments about the High Earth orbiters being
fun supplying many hours of fun DX and communications.  At the moment, and
near future, LEO is what we have and we must share resources.  Drew is
getting hit with a sucker punch without warrant.  He is one of the people
behind the scenes.  All the engineering, supervisory, and worker bee staff
is to be commended for their "Volunteer" efforts.  
Maybe, Jake, you can step in to assist in some way and bring your energy to
this group.
I was on the phone yesterday with a Satellite "newbie" and offered advice
and supplied him with enough to get him started and hooked to this end of
the hobby.  Many Sats and many hours of use to satisfy everyone presently.
And--to those that use the Sats--Join AMSAT so your voices can be added to
those support efforts required.
Dee, NB2F
NJ AMSAT coordinator

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Just so everyone knows, I find all of this utter ridiculous; and while I
disagree with all of the folks who say "this is just a hobby" (since many of
us are also commercial operators and heavily involved in ARES/RACES, etc. as
certified emergency radio operators), I do believe that some civility is in

Rather than complain incessantly though, I'm just going to get off the birds
altogether. I'm thinking of selling my FT-60R, my Elk antenna, and my
digital recorder and moseying on down the bands. I really prefer HF DX and
contesting anyway, but satellite was fun while it lasted...

I do hope you're all able to sort this mess out though. It's really seeming
petty from the outside, and I know most of us don't like infighting like

Good luck! I'm out....

- Jake, K3UAZ
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