[amsat-bb] Re: Subscribers

n0jy@lavabit.com n0jy at lavabit.com
Thu Mar 31 07:17:45 PDT 2011

Sure thing, Kevin!  And be sure to encourage them to join Amsat too, so we
can all help pay for these wonderful toys that we have the opportunity to
use.  In these days of technological advancement, it may sometimes be
overlooked that we are dealing with rocket science.  How many others can
say that they have participated in the design, building, and launching of
a satellite, even indirectly?  It's truly a wonderful opportunity!  Amsat
has brought what used to be in the realm of "specialized" stations to the
availability of most hams with modest station equipment.  And there are
opportunities to grow and push the edge of our technological abilities by
taking advantage of a growth in users.  What Amsat has done is well worth
our support.


> I mentioned this BB to a fellow Sat user and he has joined. I think
> everyone should, I have found this a very usefull source of information.
> Plus you can reply to certain users without posting to everyone which I
> think is nice.
> Except of course when you hit the wrong button.
> Anyway seems some of the other forums are stale, year + old post and all.
> I saw mentioned here about not everyone reading this BB so I thought I
> would spread the word.
> This is a good thing right?
> Kevin

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