[amsat-bb] Re: -={Echo Madness}=-

P.H. bbjunkie at f2s.com
Thu Mar 31 02:29:31 PDT 2011

>>> Several others have written in support, and
>>> I only wish more would have done so publicly.

I wasn't going to reply to this thread when it started because I feel
quite strongly about the subject and didn't want to say something I
would later regret. However as I feel I need to show my support for
Drew's decision, here goes.

First of all I think Drew was right to do what he did, over here in
Europe things are pretty much the same, in fact I have heard worse
than the recording posted here earlier in the week. I have experienced
the same frustration that I imagine Drew did when he had others
deliberately stomp all over him, it's not nice, especially when it's
the same stations day in and day out.

While I dont always agree with Drew's attitude to people here on -bb,
on this occasion I do support him in what he did - and appreciate both
his efforts in looking after the sat and those of the other command
stations (and of course others behind the scenes who dont always get a

There has been a lot of talk about what can't be done to rectify the
situation.. we need to have a more positive approach to this and look
at what can be done.

Our license states that it is an offence to cause interference - If it
is intentional or not, it is interference - some people have compared
it to a HF pileup, yes there is that side to it, but that doesn't mean
we cant do something about those regular users who continually make a
nuisance of themselves by stomping all over other stations, be it
deliberate or not - it is interference. If you cant make a contact on
the sat without regularly causing interference, then it's either time
to look at asking for help with your station setup and operating
practices or consider another aspect of the hobby.

The ham radio governing bodies (ARRL, RSGB etc) are perhaps in a
better position to offer assistance to contact those who don't hang
out on here or have contact details on QRZ.com etc.

For those people who choose to ignore the advise and continue to cause
interference by stomping all over users then perhaps if a few
complaints were lodged with the licensing authority it may help.

I know it won't cure the problem totally but wouldn't it help? - those
who are that way inclined will think twice before making a total
nuisance of themselves on the air, and those that choose to ignore the
thought of having their license revoked may well just get a letter
forwarded to them by their national Amsat organisation via the ARRL or
RSGB etc, or repeat offenders from the licensing authority.

To reiterate, i'm not talking about the new operators, we were all new
once. I'm talking about the regular offenders who are just plain rude
and cant wait their turn, or greedy and think it is their right to
have X amount of contacts per pass no matter how much interference
they cause.

Just some suggestions, it may take a little time and effort but also
it may well pay off in the long run.

Here in Europe there are several stations who pass after pass just
stomp all over other users and make AO-51 in particular not a nice
place to be.

I would certainly never consider using AO-51 as a satellite to do a
demo on to beginners when these guys are around.

However, the last few days on AO-51 have been a pleasure to work since
the switch and if it continues like this (doubtful) then a demo on
AO-51 would most definitley be a possibility.

Remember, the use of AO-51 is a privilege, not a right. Treat it, and
it's users with the respect it/they deserve.

Ok, rant over.

Keep up the good work Drew, Mark, Gould and all the team at Amsat-NA



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