[amsat-bb] On a more positive note...

Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 20:20:10 PDT 2011

Dear fellow Satellite Ops,

In contrast to the recent disastrous pass on AO-51 the other day, today it was a 
joy to help many operators get EK99 and ZF2AE/ZF8 into their logs.

The AO-27 @ 19:35UTC and AO-51 @20:13 UTC passes were a joy to work. As a DX 
Station, I appreciated everyone's courtesy, good operating technique and most 
importantly good listening skills.  I hope the newer operators got a good feel 
for what a busy pass can sound like but still be very productive. 

As many of you know I will be popping up on various satellites mostly in the 
afternoon/evenings. Both on FM and SSB. I cannot guarantee that I will be on a 
particular satellite but I will make an effort when asked. Mornings are out for 
me as I am out diving.

Tomorrow I will make an effort to make it over to FK09. I have to rent a car a 
great expense (only one rental car place on the islands and they charge big 
bucks) to make it over to the East end for a few hours. Right now I will only be 
available from around 1900 UTC to 2300 UTC. This is the only time I have left 
unfortunately on Little Cayman. I have to check what is available. I think one 
AO51 and an FO29 pass, perhaps some others.  I hope we will see the same 
discipline we saw today to allow many stations to work me in a calm and orderly 

I would like to thank Drew for all the hard work to keep AO-51 happy. I know it 
is often a thankless effort but it is appreciated by many including this 

Finally a reminder it is very hot and very humid here. So yes I pity those that 
have to stand in the cold but trust me standing in the sweltering heat dripping 
with sweat, tuning the radios and jiggling the antennas is a big challenge too!

See you on the birds. I will be going to Grand Cayman on Saturday, so plenty of 
opportunity to work me from there.

73, Adrian ZF2AE/ZF8

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