[amsat-bb] Re: -={Echo Madness}=-

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Mar 30 14:16:49 PDT 2011


> Let me clear something up here. I didn't change the frequency so I could
> work Jim or anyone else, otherwise I'd have called him after the frequency
> change. I worked Jim on the next FO-29 pass. I seriously resent the
> implication that I intervened out of personal greed, especially from you
> Patrick.

You didn't call him right after making the frequency change, but you did call
him at least once after the change ( I heard you around 8:18 in K8YSE's
recording).  Had you not made even that call for Jim, and waited for that
FO-29 pass or some other later pass, then I probably wouldn't have posted
anything on this topic.

> For what it's worth, you and Damon are the only two who've objected. At
> least you were moderately polite about it. Both of the "DX" stations on that
> pass were understanding and did not object to my action in the emails
> exchanged afterwards. Several others have written in support, and I only
> wish more would have done so publicly.

"Moderately polite"?  How about just saying "polite"?

You should know me by now.  We have had differences of opinions on
other topics in the past, even here on the -BB.  That happens.  We have
exchanged our opinions, and it has been done in a calm and respectful
manner.  I did not call you any names, I took issue with a decision you
made during that pass, in at least one of your AMSAT positions.

If what you did on Sunday was something you've done in the past, and
not the first time you did that, maybe that would have been something
we could expect in those situations.  If my opinion is in the minority, so
be it.  More often than not, I am in agreement with you and whatever
actions you take related to AO-51, or AMSAT in general.  This time, I
disagreed with your decision, and was willing to put my name to my
opinion publicly.

> I take input from everyone, and try to be out in the public as much as
> possible. Take a look back at the level of interaction from the previous few
> VP Ops and ask if yourself why they stayed the hell away from the users. So
> your objection is noted, but in the end, I alone am responsible for the
> operation of AO-51 and our other satellites. I will continue to act in the
> satellite and AMSAT's best interest, as charged by the President and Board
> of Directors of AMSAT, in the manner I best see fit, until removed or
> replaced. Consider we already have two open VP positions, an open BOD
> alternate, and a highly complex and finicky, aging satellite, before you
> decide to run me out of town on a rail.

Here you go again.  When did I say or imply I wanted to run you out of
town on a rail?  We have had our differences, but I've never said that
you should not be in the many AMSAT positions you currently hold.
Once again, we don't have to share the same opinion on everything.

> A lot of the users of this satellite have NO idea the hard work it takes to
> keep AO-51 running. I have volunteered hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours
> over the past several years, in order to make AO-51 available as often, and
> in as many modes as possible. I've left work early, went in late, postponed
> personal vacations, missed family events, and spent thousands of dollars to
> upgrade my station, in order to be able to keep it in service so we can
> download and process telemetry, reload code, keep the repeater running, and
> promote AMSAT. Mark, Kevin, and Gould have done the same. While you guys
> bust tail to get on the air to work a new grid, we are there on the digital
> downlink trying to keep AO-51 alive, hopefully long enough to see it's
> replacement on orbit. I'm writing schedules for SO-67 and AO-51, emailing
> answers to users who've asked questions, and trying to find time to spend
> with my family. So before you get on the -bb and take potshots at us, whine,
> piss and moan, you better think of the alternative scenario without a few
> command stations who give a damn, or without a VP Ops. It isn't all fun and
> games and chasing grids for us.

You are correct, in that many of the users don't know what is involved with
keeping AO-51 on the air.  I am not in that group.  I know very well that it
takes a lot of time and effort.  I had been in the Operations Group previously,
helping to answer questions that came in from users and help with preparing
the AO-51 schedules.  When I left that group a couple of years ago, that was
when I started going out to more hamfests and other events on behalf of
AMSAT.  I continue to do that, and also try to do my part to support the
organization financially (hoping to hear the successor to AO-51 on the air,
and other satellites, in the future).

I appreciate the hard work you do, and for putting yourself out here on the
-BB.  I disagree with what you did on Sunday, but that doesn't change my
appreciation for what you do on behalf of AMSAT.


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