[amsat-bb] Re: -={Echo Madness}=-

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Mar 30 11:12:04 PDT 2011

Hi Bruce!

> There really is no solution to a satellite that uses a particular uplink
> frequency to keep those that use the simplex frequency or are actually
> trying to make a satellite contact and use poor operating practices.
> <snip>
> Satellites are no different from rare DX, everyone wants a piece of it
> and they want it now. As we are trying to get more and more hams
> interested in the satellites, we are going to simply have more trying to
> use the same space. One solution is for the experienced satellite
> operators to move from the single channel FM satellites over to the SSB
> birds.

I generally agree with you on these points, but not completely on the point
that experienced operators should move off the FM birds to the SSB birds.
If all the experienced operators move off the FM birds, who would be left
to help the inexperienced operators?

I've heard more activity on the SSB birds lately, probably due to ND9M/MM
sailing around and working those passes along with the FM passes.  The
increased SSB activity helped me on Saturday at the hamfest in Tucson AZ
followed by my post-hamfest drive through DM52/DM53 on my way home.
Three of the 4 demonstration passes at the hamfest were in SSB (2 on AO-7,
one on VO-52).  Later in the day, there were active FO-29 passes where I
was able to make 9 QSOs on the first pass (including ND9M/MM), and 5 more
on the later pass to the west.

Going to a comment by WA4HFN yesterday... If there was a problem on AO-51
that required the immediate attention from a command station, by all means do
what is necessary to keep the satellite in good condition.  Nobody should find
fault with that.  From the recording posted on K8YSE's web site of the Sunday
afternoon AO-51 pass in question:


along with posts on here since then, it is clear that was not the
case.  This is
exactly like the situation when K5D was on the satellites from
Desecheo a couple
of years ago, and the posted threat by KO4MA to shut down one of the AO-51
repeaters due to what Drew called at the time "extreme poor operating":


Since AO-51 operates on a schedule, AMSAT should keep to the schedule.  It
may not be pleasant to hear at times, but we are dealing with a single-channel
satellite (or, at times, a two-channel satellite).  There are problems
from time to
time, whether it is an inexperienced operator, someone using an uplink as a
private simplex channel or frequency for an EchoLink/IRLP node, or whatever.
We deal with this on HF, we can deal with it on the satellites.

If there is a last-minute change needed in order to protect the
satellite, we will
understand.  If a change in the schedule is needed for some reason, do what's
been done in the past - publish notice of the upcoming change as is normally
done and go from there.  If the last-minute change is done because someone
is frustrated with what is being heard, or so someone can try to work a rare
station or a rare grid, that is wrong.  By the way, the pass after the uplink
change didn't sound very different than before the change, except for a few
seconds when Drew announced the change and everyone had to change
their uplink frequency.



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