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Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
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Hi Dee,

I have tried monitoring passes with the FTM-350AR, and it is just about 
impossible to hear anything.  Granted, I was using a 5/8 wave, but I have 
used a 1/4 wave several times before with a different radio and experienced 
similar results.  I will probably try it again just to make sure, but I 
would still like to get something to take the edge off and increase my 
hearing time a bit.

I know a few of you here have used the ARR preamps in your mobile (or while 
mobile) setups - does anyone have issues with intermod?


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Why do you need a preamp in the mobile?  Most new rigs are great at
sensitivity.  You must also remember that if you are mobile, Intermod is
just around the corner at these high sensitivity preamps.
Preamps, as a rule, should be as close to the antenna as mechanically
Good Luck,
Dee, NB2F

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I am in the process of getting the ARR SP432VDG preamp for my mobile setup
(and just to have around), and I have read that the closer to antenna you
mount the preamp, the lower noise figure you will have.  My question is,
what is close to the antenna - 1ft., 5ft., 10ft.?  Ideally, I would probably
mount it about 5-6ft. from the antenna (1/4 wave) - would this be

Any additional advice would be appreciated!

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