[amsat-bb] ND9M/MM Sat Ops: QRT ... for now!

Clary, James T, Civilian James.T.Clary.civ at MSC.NAVY.MIL
Tue Mar 29 18:28:01 PDT 2011

My ship will be pulling into Jacksonville (EM90) late tonight, so there
are no more wet grids to operate from for the time being. It'll be nice
to at least try sleeping through the night tonight for the first time in
weeks without getting up for an oh-dark-30 pass. I've been doing it for
so long that I'll probably be awake at some ridiculous pass-time hour
anyway, but I'll try not to be.


We're due at Charleston SC on 10 April. The run from Jax to Charleston
is just a few hours, but I'm told that since another ship is scheduled
to take our berth at the Jacksonville dock on the 6th, we'll be leaving
a few days early. We won't have a destination, other than Charleston
four days later, but I don't know if we'll head out a few miles and do a
"controlled drift" or do donuts until it's time to head in.


I'll keep an eye on the navigation charts, and will update the BB if it
looks like we'll be in a wet grid when there's a pass coming up. 


Meanwhile, I'll finish getting my logs together and get ready to sign
off the ship when we arrive at Charleston. I'll post a trip wrap up in a
few days once I get the numbers compiled.


Tks for helping to make the two-month voyage a memorable one!


73 for now,


Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC

Jacksonville / EM90 

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