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   There is only ONE WAY to stop the mess on AO51.  Turn it off and let Drew turn it on when he wants to make a sked with someone . He caused me to miss a grid contact Sunday when he changed the TX freq in the middle of a pass . He was wrong in doing that. AO51 is out of control. If an operator needs to be contacted by email and have proper operation explaned to them ,let KO4MA do it. We can type these usless messages here till we all get blisters on our fingers and it will not make any difference. Alot of the people who are causing the mess dont even use the Amsat BB .
WA4HFN Damon
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Not directed at the authors, but in listening to the recording of that 
pass, I think it could have easily done without the multiple CQ's along 
with the whistling and blowing into the mike...eliminate those bad 
habits first and then working on not interrupting quick, 4 transmission 
exchanges and trying to keep transmissions short would result in a much 
less chaotic atmosphere, even without running full duplex.


Zachary Beougher wrote:
> Hello Kevin and group,
>> Back to the point, please let me know if you think I
>> need any correcting, I would rather help not hinder.
>> I really enjoy this HOBBY, but I dont know if there is
>> a solution...
> At this stage in the game, there really is no solution per say.  When there 
> is 30-40
> guys on ONE frequency trying to make QSOs, what else can we expect?  

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