[amsat-bb] Re: -={Echo Madness}=-

Roger Kolakowski Rogerkola at aol.com
Tue Mar 29 13:03:02 PDT 2011

Not directed at the authors, but in listening to the recording of that 
pass, I think it could have easily done without the multiple CQ's along 
with the whistling and blowing into the mike...eliminate those bad 
habits first and then working on not interrupting quick, 4 transmission 
exchanges and trying to keep transmissions short would result in a much 
less chaotic atmosphere, even without running full duplex.


Zachary Beougher wrote:
> Hello Kevin and group,
>> Back to the point, please let me know if you think I
>> need any correcting, I would rather help not hinder.
>> I really enjoy this HOBBY, but I dont know if there is
>> a solution...
> At this stage in the game, there really is no solution per say.  When there 
> is 30-40
> guys on ONE frequency trying to make QSOs, what else can we expect?  

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