[amsat-bb] Re: Working the FM Satellites

Bill Acito W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 29 11:39:45 PDT 2011

>Desiring a "solution" is indicative of there being a "problem." It has not 
>demonstrated to my satisfaction that there is a massive problem that 
>re-thinking of what FM sats are all about.

Lots of users and limited resources is always ugly...  whether it be 
traffic, water,
groceries, black-friday sales, or working a new grid on a FM bird.

Rare grids or Field Day on a FM-bird may not be a "problem", but certainly 
not hold us in the best light. I thought the purpose of satellite on Field 
Day was to
encourage new users to the mode...   would you introduce someone to ham 
by letting them listen to a rare dx pile-up?

An aside:  is the use of QRZ? on the rare-grid side frowned upon? or would 
make things worse?  I think a lot of the errant calling is folks trying to 
separate from
capture effect, or guessing when the rare one is listening. I hear this a 
lot on the
ISS voice passes as well, where you can't hear the uplink of others.

Bill W1PA


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