[amsat-bb] Re: LOTW reg outside US

Gordon JC Pearce gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Sat Mar 26 02:26:42 PDT 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-26 at 09:00 +0000, P.H. wrote:
> I'm trying to validate my callsign on LOTW however to do this, as I am
> outside the US I need to mail some supporting documents. The help file
> directs me to https://www.arrl.org/lotw/docreq however this url does
> not exist!
> Can anyone tell me where I need to send the supporting documents?

This is exactly why I haven't registered with LoTW, and won't register.
If they can't take enough care to run their website competently, how do
I know I can trust them to take care of my personal details?

Really, you want me to send a copy of my amateur radio licence and
driving licence or passport to some random person in the US?  No, I
don't think I'll be doing that...

People should have to sit a written exam similar to the old-style City
and Guilds RAE before being allowed on the Internet, never mind actually
running websites.

Gordon MM0YEQ

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