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Pete and all...
The one I used to like to tell--
I am almost always at a hamfest sitting next to the DX association Rep.
I ask how far he has communicated? He says- halfway around the world about
7-8000 miles...I then
Tell him I talked from Lodi, NJ to Fairlawn, NJ  (About 5 airmiles away) -
he looks at me strange and then I
Explain that I used AO-13 that was 30,000 miles up and 30,000 miles down so
I did beat any distance he had on the Earth..Hi, Hi.
HEO was fun and we still cry for another bird, however, we are dealt with
the hand we have...
Just show the "footprint" of an HEO vs. LEO and you will have a great idea
of distances involved.
Good luck with your presentation and don't forget to bring info about
joining AMSAT.
Dee, NB2F 

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>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > For a small club satellite presentation I will be mentioning the 
>> > benefits of HEO over LEO and the range advantage.
>> >
>> > Can anyone tell me the distance record set when AO-40 was alive?
>> >
>> > Thanks
>> >
>> > 73
>> >
>> > 2i0VAX
>> >
>> > Pete
>>Hi Pete, 2i0VAX
>>My DX record on AO40 from JN70ES Naples Italy was a QSO with ZL2AOX 
>>Ian Ashley in RF72MV with a distance of 18299.0 Km as you can see in 
>>the following page of QRZ.com
>>The uplink was in L band and the downlink in S band
>>This is why it is very important to pull for the new HEO satellite P3-E !
>>Best 73" de
>>i8CVS Domenico
>which is 11,370 miles.  The circumference of the earth is 40,075 km
>(24,901 miles) so 18,299/40,075 = 45.7 %.
>That is darn close to half the earth in the footprint. Compare that 
>with a Leo sat footprint.  Anymore questions why we are hoping for another

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